The LINI Aquaculture And Training Centre (LATC)

breeding aquariums

In December 2014, LINI started developing the LINI Aquaculture and Training Centre in Les Village, North Bali where LINI has been working with aquarium fishers since 2008. The development of the Centre responds directly to the need to reduce the destruction of Indonesia’s globally important coral reefs, and to create incentives for reef management and conservation that benefit coastal communities who depend on coral reef resources.

The Centre offers training and opportunity for work experience in various aspect of marine conservation, reef restoration, aquaculture, and sustainable fishery management. The Centre aims to target industry, fishers, government staff, and university students to learn about aquaculture, and will focus on teaching practical skills and knowledge about the breeding and husbandry of reef fish.

Our first juvenile Banggai Cardinalfish at the LATC