LINI is a non-profit organization based in Bali, Indonesia.

Our mission is to support the conservation and management of coastal marine resources through science, education and the empowerment of coastal communities.

Our Aquaculture and Training Center (LATC) in Les Village, Bali embodies this with a focus on reef restoration, sustainable ornamental fish aquaculture, and education.

News & Publication


Revitalizing the Marine Gardens of Bakti Seraga Village

Baktiseraga Village's coast is increasingly home to accommodation and stalls, and is the only village in the Indonesian Coral Reef ...
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Various Animals Featured in Pacung Village Marine Park

It’s the end of the working day in Desa Pacung village, and dozens of women, young and old, are cleaning ...
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Fast Work in Kaliasem Village Marine Park

At 8am, near from the iconic dolphin statue of Lovina, in Buleleng Regency, six stalls could be seen at a ...
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A new marine park and conservation effort in Bondalem village

Over 3000 coral structures are being built for a new marine park by Bondalem village in Buleleng regency. The Indonesian ...
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Vintage Cars in Tukad Mungga Sea Park

Six vintage Volkswagen (VW) cars made of sand and iron structures will be a part of Indonesia Coral Reef Garden ...
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Thousands of New Homes for Fish in Buleleng

Six villages in Bali's north coast are building thousands of artificial structures to grow new coral reefs. Each new reef ...
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