Visit Our Center

Visit our Centre in Les village North Bali

The LINI Aquaculture and Training Centre
Visit, learn, explore and share your experience and knowledge in our training and aquaculture acentre in Les village in North Bali. You can learn on how the communities conducting fish breeding, and explore our reef restoration site, or even construct an artificial structure to add to the structures at the reef restoration areas. You can help the communities to protect the rich biodiversity of the coral reefs in North Bali while you participate in fun learning activities at our centre.

The activities being offered at LINI’s training centre are interactive and enjoyable ways to learn about marine environment. The activities can be tailored to engage various audiences and are open to all those interested in helping to protect the reefs, or just learning the Bali unique biodiversity.

If you are interested in visiting our training centre, please email The Indonesian Nature Foundation; or call us at (0361) 4782 444.