By donating to LINI, you will become part of a community who is helping to improve our marine environment and scale the impact of our conservation efforts. Your donations will be used to support the aquaculture training for coastal communities, reef restoration program and marine education activities for local schools. LINI is grateful for your continued support!

Please click on the image to select your preferred project or amount below to make a secure donation via Paypal or credit card.

usd 200 for fishdom

Contribute US$ 200

Your US$ 200 contribution will allow the fisherman of North Bali to build and deploy a fish dome to be ...
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usd 100 for rotibuaya

Contribute US$ 100

Your US$100 contribution will allow fisherman to build a roti buaya, a one meter artificial structure, and plant corals on ...
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usd 50 for trainning woman

Contribute US$ 50

A donation of US$ 50 will allow one woman to attend one month training in aquaculture aspects ...
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usd 25 for education

Contribute US$ 25

A donation of US$ 25 will allow us to expand our marine education activities, to include children from a wider ...
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usd 15 for coral planting

Contribute US$ 15

Your US$ 15 contribution will allow us to plant a coral on a community reef restoration sites ...
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usd 5 for contribution

Contribute US$ 5

Contribute US$ 5 to our information Centre in North Bali, which allows us to add more books for children in ...
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