Reef Restoration

restored area

LINI is helping the coastal communities, in Buleleng and Karangasem – Bali and some places throughout Indonesia to rehabilitate their reefs by establishing artificial reef aggregation structures in damaged areas. The objective of this community-based reef rehabilitation is to regain the function of the reefs to serve as habitats for fish and other reef organisms, on which the coastal communities depend for their livelihoods.

In Bali, resorts are hosting reef restoration as part of their environmental care program. We help resorts to install artificial reefs, coral tables, and train their staff to monitor and maintain the sites.

LINI hopes to be able to continue assisting the coastal communities of Buleleng, who sincerely want to make positive changes to the marine environment there. Together with the fishing groups, LINI scientists have been monitoring and carefully recording the progress of reef restoration, and so far, the indications are good that significant numbers and species of fish (which had previously disappeared) are now returning to these reefs. The types of artificial reefs being installed include shrimp pots, roti buaya and fishdomes.