[EVENT] Eco Freediving Camp

The 2020 inaugural Eco Freediving Camp is proudly presented by Anak Pacific and Yayasan Alam Indonesia Lestari (LINI). We have joined forces in collaboration as a freediving and underwater photography centre and a community development and sustainable fisheries NGO. Together we are offering the Indonesia’s first ever marine conservation and freediving course. 

What makes this course extraordinary? During the camp you will be trained to become a freediver, diving from 12 to 20 meters with a single breath, as well as a marine conservationist! You will also learn about reef restoration and basic aquaculture technique, which is going to be useful. This camp will be conducted in LINI Aquaculture Training Centre (LATC) located in Tejakula, Bali. We believe building a healthy relationship with the ocean is a personal adventure, so you can get the best out of this experience. Our camp is exclusively limited only for eight participants. 

The Eco Freediving Camp is a call for environmentalists and freedivers of all levels to manifest the changes they want to see in the world. Come together and discover how freedivers can be a positive force in our blue planet. 

For further information, feel free to download this e-brochure. Any question? Please contact Rayhan on +62 8131 490 09 201 or send an email at anakpacific@gmail.com