Fisheries Improvement Project

sustanable fishery fisheries improvement project lini program

A Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) is an industry-led alliance of supply chain groups, from fishers to exporters to buyers, who work together to implement a management plan designed to help the fisheries meet the demands of the international market while reducing illegal fishing practices, habitat destruction and bycatch.

LINI and the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership are working together to help the seafood industry in Indonesia develop a Fisheries Improvement Project. LINI’s role is to assist small scale projects by supporting implementation of the projects in the field, including FIP training using SFP FIP tools, facilitating stakeholder consultations, and acting as coordinator for the industry-led FIP.

Information on the industry led FIPs is publicly available on the the industry website, which is administered by LINI. It is our role to assist the FIPs in updating FIP progress on the website, editing and reviewing the progress updates and supporting the administration of FIP implementation.