If you are passionate about the marine environment and would like to be part of the solution to Indonesia’s threatened coral reefs and declining reef habitats, then why not consider volunteering at LINI. LINI recruits skilled volunteers to work alongside staff at LINI Aquaculture and Training Centre (LATC) in North Bali, and in our fisheries conservation project in Banggai Island, Central Sulawesi.

Our volunteer’s specialties are diverse, ranging from marine fish breeder, underwater archeologist, marine education specialist, English teacher, marketing and design graphic.

Available volunteer activities

  • Diver volunteers to help us to monitor reef rehabilitation sites in LATC, North Bali.  Flexible start date in 2018.
  • Marine Aquarist who can help us to expand our breeding program at our Aquaculture and Training Centre. Flexible start date in 2018, minimum 3 months commitment is desired. 
  • Teaching English to village children and adults  who are wishing to learn English. in Banggai Island,  Central Sulawesi. Flexible start date in 2018, 2 months commitment is desired. 
  • English to Indonesia vice versa translators to help us translate LINI’s report into English!

We welcome volunteers based anywhere in the world for this project.

Please contact us If you’d like to ask a question or receive more information.