Community-based Octopus fishery conservation

Since 2017, we have been conducting a community-based Octopus Fishery project in Banggai Laut Regency, in the Province of Central Sulawesi. The project aims to understand the impact of the fishery on the reef ecosystems, to address the lack of data and information about the Octopus fishery, and to build the capacity of local stakeholders to develop their own small scale Octopus fishery management program. 

The activities include catch data collection, which landing data have been recorded by enumerators who are also Octopus buyer middlemen. The data that are collected include date, weight, sex, mantle length, fishers and fishing grounds. The purpose of the collected data is to utilise it in the decision-making process in fishery management, for example, to consider and implement temporary closure of fishing grounds. 

Based on the data collection and consultative meetings with local stakeholders, fishers are willing to try implementing three months temporary closures for Octopus, first in Asasal Island (385 Ha), which was closed from October 2018 to January 2019, and the second was in Bone Baru (246.36Ha), from September to December 2019. The fishers acknowledged the economic benefits of the closures, even though they did not significantly increase when compared to the previous year’s production. 

We  hope that through this project, we can contribute to the development of octopus Fisheries Improvement Project to support the sustainable livelihood of Banggai Laut fishers and sustainable octopus fisheries

(credit: Lamuri)
Deploying buoy to mark the closure area