LINI’s Training and Aquaculture Centre – June 2015

feeding the fish

It has been an exciting time for LINI’s work towards sustainable aquaculture in Indonesia! In late 2014, LINI commenced work on building a training and aquaculture centre in Les Village, North Bali. The latest development of LINI’s Training and Aquaculture Centre (LATC) is that all required documentation from the Buleleng Regency, including the MOU with the District Head of Buleleng Regency, has been secured.

The Centre is situated at Les village aims to target industry, fishers and University students to learn the basic aquaculture with lots of practical knowledge on breeding, and husbandry of reef fish. The Centre will also offer training on reef restoration aspects and Fisheries Improvement Project development.

The Centre received support from the Australian Consulate-General in Bali through their Direct Aid Program, the family of Sianawati Sugiarto (the owner of Blue Star), who kindly let LINI use their land, and from the Australian Volunteer for International Development (AVID) Program.

This month the first batch of the Banggai cardinalfish broodstocks will be received from the fisher group in Banggai, with fishers from Banggai being the first group to learn on how to breed this species.