Banggai Laut

capungan bangai

The Banggai Laut District has a total area of 12,882.45 km2, with almost 95% of marine areas (12,156.78 Km²). There are 290 islands, with only 44 islands are inhabitants. and 63 villages. The estimated population of 69,514 in 2015. The Banggai Laut lies within a vast area of global marine biodiversity popularly known as the Coral Triangle. Important coastal marine ecosystems in Banggai include coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds.

Since 2010, LINI has been involved in marine conservation in the Banggai Laut conducting coral reef surveys, population monitoring of the Banggai cardinalfish, developing ‘no-take’ areas for the protection of the BCF, providing training for fishers and local government. The Banggai cardinalfish, the endemic reef fish to the Banggai Archipelago is a popular marine aquarium fish since mid 90s. The species has been succesfully captive bred in Indonesia. IUCN listed the species as an endangered species in 2007, and it was proposed to Appendix II CITES in 2007, and again in 2016. The fish is on its way to be protected under the Indonesian law.